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2020/2021 Financial Aid Forms

What's new in Financial Aid?!

For the 2020/2021 Aid year, Palomar College is accepting Verification Forms electronically using CampusLogic!

Each year when you apply for financial aid, you have a chance of being selected for a process called verification. This process is required by the U.S. Department of Education and/or the California Student Aid Commission in an effort to ensure the accuracy of financial aid applications. Now, students can easily complete their forms and upload their documents online from their phone, tablet, or computer!

Palomar College knows how important it is for you to know how information about you is collected and used, and we value your privacy. Palomar College uses CampusLogic, Inc. products and tools to simplify the financial aid process for students. To process financial aid, we collect personally identifiable information through these tools. CampusLogic, Inc. is dedicated to protecting your data and will spare no expense to keep it secure.


Next Steps

Log in to MyPalomar to see if other documents or information are required for your application.

  • Select the “Details” link on your Student Center To Do List. Click on an item to view a description or access a writable or online form.
  • View your awards and other financial aid information—select the “View Financial Aid” link under the My Finances and Financial Assistance


When creating your account, you’ll be using your Palomar College student email. You will want to make sure your information matches exactly what is on your financial aid application.

NOTE: If you completed the California Dream Act Application, you will want to enter your California Dream ID in lieu of a social security number when creating your account. This ID# can be found on your CA Student Aid Report on Webgrants,

Here are a couple of items that your parent will need to keep in mind when creating their account:

  • When the student identifies which parent they are requesting a signature from, that is the only parent that will be able to sign the document, unless the student goes back into the task and edits the selected parent.
  • The parent will need to notify the student if the information on the document is inaccurate and needs to be changed. The student will need to make this change and re-request the signature.
  • If the parent has more than one child attending Palomar College, they should create a separate username for each child. It is highly encouraged that they use a different email for each child as well.

For FAFSA Filers: If the parent does not have a valid SSN, they will not be able to electronically sign and neither will the student. The student will instead click “Opt out of E-sign” which will allow them to download and print the document so that both the student and parent can provide wet signatures. Once the document has been signed, the student will upload it.

On your MyPalomar account, you will see your To Do List on the right column of your account. When you click the details of each To Do List item, you will see that it is directing you to Student Forms. Once you log into your Student Forms portal, you will see the tasks that are being requested of you.


If additional documents are needed, you will be notified in a couple of ways:

  • Text Message: Students that provide their cell phone information upon creating an account will be notified via text message.
  • E-Mail: You will also receive an e-mail to your Palomar College student email.
  • Status of To Do List Item: On your MyPalomar Student Center account, the status of the To Do List item will show:
    •   If the status is “initiated”, there are tasks that require your attention.
    •  If the status is “received”, we have received your submitted documents and are reviewing.
    • The documents will remain on your To Do list until the review process is complete. During peak periods, the review could talk up to 6-8 weeks.


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