Palomar College Learning For Success

Access Restrictions

Attention Palomar College Students

Effective Summer 2004
Any student owing enrollment fees* to the College will experience a block to all
official Palomar College activities. Students will not be able to access Palomar College
web pages including portions of Student e-Services and online financial aid applications
until all debts are paid.

You can use the e-Pay option in Student e-Services to view and pay prior debts
online at any time. Click on the following link to access Student e-Services. If you
experience a block, use e-Pay or contact the Cashier’s Office at 760-744-1150 ext. 2114
for payment options. Access will be restored once the debt has been paid in full.

*Students owing health or student ID and rep fees only will not have their access restricted.

Last modified on January 28, 2016