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Learn about our Palomar College Scholarship process and get information and applications on new outside scholarships offered during the year. 

The Palomar College 2021/2022 Scholarship Application has now closed. Applications were accepted until 3/8/2021. The 2022/2023 application will be available in January 2022. 
One Application will apply to all Foundation Scholarship Opportunites


For Donors & Students that have Scholarship checks to submit:

Please make sure check is made payable to Palomar College and mail to:
Palomar College
Financial Aid & Scholarships
1140 West Mission Rd
San Marcos, CA 92069
If the student is mailing in the check, please also include the Scholarship Disbursement Form with the check



Disbursement Forms and Schedules

Scholarship Disbursement Forms

2021/2022 Scholarship Disbursement Schedule


Palomar Scholarship Information & Outside Scholarship Opportunities

2021/2022 Palomar College Scholarship Booklet

Outside Scholarships 

Ivie Wickam Scholarship22/23 Application will be available January 2022
Ivie Wickam Informational Flyer

Ivie Wickam FAQ


Last modified on September 17, 2021
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