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Applying Step by Step

Step 1- Complete the FAFSA

Go to and complete your FAFSA and make sure Palomar’s Federal school code is listed (001260). You and, if you are a Dependent student, your parents, will need to set up  separate passwords.  This will allow you to save your work and make changes before you submit the FAFSA and enter any corrections that are needed after you submit it.

To apply for financial aid for Fall 2018 – Summer 2019: Complete the 2018/2019 FAFSA (using 2016 income)
To apply for financial aid for Fall 2019 – Summer 2020: Complete the 2019/2020 FAFSA (using 2017 income)

FAFSA Changes: Earlier Application

Beginning with the 2017/2018 academic year and the 2017/2018 FAFSA, you will be able to file your FAFSA as early as October 1 instead of the following January 1.  Because of the earlier application, you will need to report family income from two years ago instead of the immediate prior year.  

Step 2- Check your Palomar College eServices and student email account

Your Palomar College eServices account is very important during this process.  Make sure your Palomar College email is activated as soon as possible.  The Financial Aid office will only communicate to you through your Palomar email address, regardless of you having a personal email address on file. This includes notifications of the status of your FAFSA, missing documents, financial aid awards, and other messages from the Financial Aid Office. Palomar has recently implemented a new email program, click for details.

  • To check your student email account, sign onto eServices, click on the Welcome tab and you will either see “Activate Student Email” or “Auto Login Email”. If you would like to link your Palomar email with your personal email, click here for instructions.


Step 3- Check your To-Do List in the eServices Student Center

To see if the Financial Aid office needs any additional information:

  • Sign into your eServices account, click on Student Center and view your “To Do” list.  The “To Do” list is located on the right side of your Student Center page.
  • Click on Details
  • Click on each item and there will be a short description
  • If it is a form for you to fill out, click on the FORM link in the description
  • Anything marked “Initiated”, “Notified” or “2nd Notification” requires immediate action from the student.

Submit all items to the Financial Aid Office at either the San Marcos Campus or Escondido Campus.  Keep checking your Palomar email account for updates.  We will email you on your Palomar email account if any additional information is needed and/or when your file is complete.


Step 4- Monitor your Financial Aid Awards on your eServices Student Center

To check  your Awards:

  • Sign into your Palomar eServices account and click on Student Center
  • Scroll to “My Finances and Financial Assistance”
  • Click on “View Financial Aid” and click on appropriate aid year


Last modified on October 18, 2018