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About Grounds Services

The Grounds Services area of the Facilities Department is responsible for maintaining the campus grounds to provide students, faculty and staff with an aesthetically pleasing and safe place in which to learn and work. The Grounds Services area is staffed with licensed, certified, and highly-trained employees who oversee all the Hardscape and landscape areas on the San Marcos Campus. This area is also responsible for Hardscape/landscape designs, lawn and turn maintenance, planter and shrub maintenance, tree pruning, and care.

The Supervisor of Grounds Services coordinates the recycling program for the District. The program is mandated to recycle at least 50% of our waste stream annually and we have achieved that goal since the mandate went into effect. Our program is self-supporting, in that the students and materials used in the program are paid for from the income from the sale of the recycled materials. Our program includes the recycling of the following which are tracked and reported on an annual basis:

  • White and colored paper

  • Newspaper

  • Mixed and precious metals

  • Aluminum cans

  • Clean and colored glass

  • All plastic bottles

  • Wood pallets

  • Firewood sales

  • Concrete

  • Asphalt

  • Lawn, shrub, and green waste

  • Electronic waste

  • Trash compaction

The Grounds Services & Recycling areas work to achieve these goals through our Facilities Office which helps with work efficiency and request status tracking. Grounds Services also works with outside contractors for specialty services for Palomar College.

It is the goal of the Facilities Department to discharge its duties in a timely, courteous and professional manner.  In some instances, despite our best efforts, a member of the campus community may be displeased with the service received.  Should this occur, the appropriate course of action should be to speak to the Interim Administrative Coordinator and seek a resolution.  If no resolution is forthcoming or the problem persists, please document the situation providing as much information as possible and email it to the Supervisor of Grounds Services or if the problem requires immediate action, please call us at extension 2629.