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Custodial Services

Mission Statement

Custodial Services is responsible for maintaining a clean environment within all buildings maintained by Palomar College including cleanliness of the interior, entryways, porches, steps, etc., of all academic and administrative buildings. We perform our daily cleaning in a variety of areas such as classrooms, hallways, offices, labs, examining rooms, athletic areas, special technical areas, stairwells, patios, porches, steps and entrances. We provide exceptionally clean and sanitary environments for Palomar College students, faculty, staff and visitors committed to achieving excellence in teaching, learning and service.

Special services not included in routine maintenance may be requested as needed through Facilities Offices.

Cleaning and trash removal are performed on a daily basis. We perform most of our duties in two main shifts. First, our dayshift has a start time of 7:30am and runs until 5:30pm and our nightshift starts at 10:00pm and runs until 6:30am.


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