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Emergency Information

District Emergency Information:


Emergency Procedures Guide

San Marcos Campus

Escondido Center

Emergency Response Plans

Building Evacuation Plan (BEP)


Other Emergency Information:

El Nino Planning 2015-2016

Pandemic Influenza Plan

Emergency Preparedness Information

Emergency Maps:

San Marcos Campus Map

Escondido Center Map

Fallbrook Center Map

Rancho Bernardo Center Map

Emergency Phone Numbers:

If calling from a campus phone:





Poison Control

1 (800) 876-4766

Campus Police

2289 or (760) 891-7273

Environmental Health & Safety


Health Services




When calling, calmly state:

  • Your full name.
  • Exact address of building, floor, and area or department of emergency
  • Whether any injuries have occurred.
  • Hazards present which may threaten persons on the scene or those responding (chemical storage, compressed gases, etc.).
  • Telephone number and location at the scene where you can be reached

Don’t hang up!! Let the person you are talking to end the conversation; other information may be needed.

Emergency Notification Enhancement Survey