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Faculty Service Area Committee Goals

Goal 1:

Improve the understanding of Faculty Service Areas amongst the faculty

Objective 1.1: Streamline the FSA website to be more user friendly with resources, information, and forms easily identifiable and accessible

Objective 1.2: Clarify the FSA website to distinguish personal FSAs from discipline FSAs

Objective 1.3: Update discipline and personal FSA forms to include a fillable pdf feature

Goal 2:

Improve communication of the importance of FSAs and the 10+1+1

Objective 2.1: Communicate to Chairs referencing Education Code, Title 5, and the 10+1+1

Objective 2.1: Update website with clear and concise information

Goal 3:

Increase discipline approved/board approved FSAs by 50% by the end of the academic year

Objective 1.1: Assign discipline FSA to committee members

Objective 1.2: Update forms

Objective 1.3: Provide FSA open labs/office hours to assist faculty in writing discipline FSAs

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