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Alcohol and Other Drug Studies


The mission of the Alcohol and Other Drug Studies Program is to prepare students with academic training and hands on experience for employment in various substance abuse treatment settings and obtain California state certification as a drug and alcohol counselor. The Alcohol and Other Drug Studies Program facilitates and enhances student learning in a supportive environment, through comprehensive education, utilizing academic courses and field placement experiences.

Intended to prepare you for immediate work opportunities or to add skills to your resume. Only coursework for the major is required.  This is the shortest program with various unit requirements depending on the discipline.

Associates Degree in Science (AS) / Certificate of Achievement (CA)

To earn a certificate of achievement in this program, simply complete program requirement courses listed below. To earn an associate’s degree in this program, complete the program requirements below and the Associate Degree General Education requirements found here.
Course Units Face-to-Face at FECOnlinePre-Req
Program Requirements
PSYC 100: Introduction to Psychology3Fall 19, Spring 20, Summer 20 Fall 19, Spring 20, Summer 20
PSYC/SOC/AODS 150: Introduction to Alcohol and Other Drug Studies 3 Fall 19, Spring 20, Summer 20
PSYC/SOC/AODS 155: The Physiology and Pharmacology of Psychoactive Drugs3Fall 19
PSYC/SOC/AODS 160: Prevention, Intervention, and Education 3Fall 19
PSYC 225: Psychology of Abnormal Behavior3Fall 20Fall 19, Spring 20
PSYC/SOC/AODS 250: Group Leadership and Process3Spring 20
PSYC/SOC/AODS 255: Case Management, Law and Ethics3Spring 20
PSYC/SOC/AODS 260: Chemical Dependency Family Counseling3Summer 20
PSYC/SOC/AODS 299: Directed Field Experience II6Fall 20
PSYC/SOC/AODS 299L: Lab2 or 3Fall 20Corequisite PSYC/SOC/AODS 299
SOC 100: Introduction to Sociology3Fall 19, Spring 20Fall 19, Spring 20, Summer 20
SOC 110: Social ProblemsSpring 20Fall 19, Summer 20
Group Two (Select 4-5 units)
PSYC/SOC/AODS 140: Introduction to Psychological and Social Services4
PSYC/SOC/AODS 298: Directed Field Experience I3Summer 20
PSYC/SOC/AODS 298L: Lab2 or 3 Summer 20Corequisite PSYC/SOC/AODS 298
Total Units 37 - 40

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