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How to Make Designer Facial Covering

How to Make Designer Facial Covering

 Palomar College Community:

The Centers for Disease Control issued new guidelines recommending that the public voluntarily wear a non-medical basic cloth or fabric facial coverings.  More than any time in recent history sewing construction has become a necessity. Palomar College Fashion Program has coordinated efforts from construction to drop off locations to assist those of you that would like to participate in this effort.  Be safe, stay healthy, and keep sewing!


How to Sew a Facial Covering:

Scroll down for the Step by step pictorial tutorial for sewing how to sew this facial covering or click on the video links below.


Visit:, or Facebook: Palomar Fashion Program or Facebook: Sew with Monti

Video tutorial for sewing your facial covering:


Drop off Locations:

Donate to your area.  Post of contacts and drop off locations.


Using a Face Covering:

  • It is also important to make sure you are properly wearing, putting on, and removing a facial covering.
  • First and foremost is to wash your hands when putting on or removing a facial covering.
  • Do not touch the front of the cover.
  • Wash in hot water, with soap; a drop of vinegar or drop of bleach can be added to the water.



  • Created for crisis; not recommend when surgical masks or N95 are required. These ar not surgical masks or filtering face piece respirators.
  • These should be used in non-surgical settings when the healthcare provider will be more than 3’ from symptomatic patient or within 3’ of symptomatic patient wearing a surgical facemask.
  • These face coverings have not been tested for fluid resistance, particulate or bacteria filtration efficiency, differential pressure, or flammability.






How to Sew Nose Piece Face Cover Printable



How to Sew Nose Piece Face Cover Patterns Printable


Facial Covering Patterns

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