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Company Officer 2E

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This course provides information on evaluating and reporting incident conditions, analyzing incident needs, developing and implementing a plan of action to deploy incident resources completing all operations to suppress a wildland fire, establishing an incident command post, creating an incident action plan, and completing incident records and reports. This course is intended for practicing firefighters seeking advancement to the company officer level.

 DATES: January 11 – 15, 2021.  Monday through Friday 0800 – 1700 (40 HOURS)

REGISTRATION: Prior to registering, please obtain a student ID number (nine digit number only; you do not need a physical ID card) by applying to Palomar College from the main website ( When we confirm you have the prerequisites, you will be enrolled by Enrollment Services one week prior to the first day of class. You will be sent an email to prompt you to go to your myPalomar account and pay the appropriate fees.

You can skip the Palomar Student orientation as you are taking a Career, Technical, and Extended Education (CTEE) class for professional growth and development

COLLEGE FEES: $115.00 College registration fee (2.5 units), $19.00 Health Fee if this is your first class of the semester.

MATERIAL FEE: $140.00 Collected by Palomar College during registration process for California State Fire Marshal CFSTES class certification

INSTRUCTOR: Pete Montgomery, Retired Division Chief,

TEXTBOOKS:        Wildland Urban Interface Operating Principles, CAL FIRE 2014 ed. (link will be provided)

                                    ICS 420-1 Field Operations Guide, available online at:

                                    Incident Response Pocket Guide (NFES 1077), available online at:

LOCATION:           City of San Marcos Fire Training Facility / Palomar College Fire Academy, 182 Santar Place, San Marcos, CA 92069.

                                   Classroom assignment to be determined, follow the signs.

PREREQUISITE:       Meets the educational requirements of Fire Fighter II or four (4) years as a career fire fighter, or six (6)                                                                                     years as a volunteer fire fighter

                                        Completion of All Risk Command Operations for Company Officers (Company Officer 2D) 

                                        S-290 Intermediate Fire Behavior (classroom delivery only)

Company Officer 2E Registration

  • If you do not have a Palomar Student ID, you may obtain one by applying to Palomar College from the main website,
  • Check the boxes below regarding educational and textbook requirements. To meet the educational requirements for this course, you must possess a CSFM Fire Fighter II certificate, or have four (4) years as a career fire fighter or six (6) years as a volunteer fire fighter.
  • Upload proof of prerequisite here (e.g. ,CSFM FFII certificate, Company Officer 2D certificate, S-290 certificate, employee record, letter from agency attesting to length of years as a fire fighter).