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Ethical Leadership for Instructors

Ethical Leadership for Instructors

COURSE DESCRIPTION:  This one-day California State Fire Marshal certified course provides the knowledge and skills needed to identify the value of ethical behavior in instructional settings, describe how ethical norms influence individual ethics, identify a personal ethical perspective and core values and how they impact communication and ethical decision making, and make an ethical decision using an ethical decision-making model, in order to assist in making ethical decisions when faced with an ethical dilemma in an instructional setting and carry out the roles and responsibilities of an SFT instructor in an ethical manner.

DATE: January 21, 2022   0800 – 1700 (8 Hours)            

LOCATION: City of San Marcos Fire Training Facility / Palomar College Fire Academy, 184 Santar Place, San Marcos CA  92069, classroom 1A (westernmost building in the Public Safety complex).


TO REGISTER:         Registration is a two-step process:

First step:  Go to the Fire Technology website, scroll down, and select Company Officer and Instructor Classes. Select the class you are interested in and fill out the corresponding form.  The intent of this step is to assure you meet the prerequisites (if any) required by the California State Fire Marshal and to collect your contact information for the class.

Second Step: When we confirm you have the prerequisites (if any), you and the rest of the class will be mass registered together prior to the class.  You will be sent an email to prompt you to go to your myPalomar account and pay the appropriate fees. You must register and pay tuition for the class through Palomar College.  We need 20 students to hold the class. You are eligible to skip orientation as you are taking a Career, Technical, and Extended Education (CTEE) class for professional growth and development.

COLLEGE FEES:    $115.00 College registration fee (2.5 units)

                                    $19.00 Health Fee if this is your first class of the semester.

MATERIAL FEE:   $85.00 Collected by Palomar College during registration process for California State

                                   Fire Marshal CFSTES class certification and Ethical Awareness Inventory.

INSTRUCTOR:   Ed Sprague, Associate Professor.  Palomar College

                                  Palomar College Fire Technology:


Ethical Leadership for Instructors