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Welcome to Fiscal Services

Fiscal Services is a Finance and Administrative Services unit providing service in the key areas:  Budget Office, Accounting and Reporting, Payroll, Student Financials/Cashiering Services, Accounts Payable, Prop M Bond Accounting, and PeopleSoft FSCM Functional Support Services.

We are responsible for the fiscal management of District funds and serving as a hub for the collection, processing, and dissemination of financial and budgetary information on behalf of the College and its community.

Our team’s mission is to promote the District’s financial health, transparency, and operational efficiency in support of student success.


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Important Fiscal Information

2020-21 Guidance Memo for Food Purchases for Meetings/Events

2020-21 Fiscal Year-End Closing Schedule


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  • Telecommuting Expense Reimbursement Program Information:
    • HR/Fiscal Information Session: Telecommuting Supplies/Tools Expense Reimbursement Program
    • Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) for employee groups
    • Telecommuting Reimbursement Program informational Zoom session (Pass code: qWR9dQ%K) – Update coming soon
  • Telecommuting Reimbursement Program Account Strings:

    • Supplies: 441419-12-551100-67750-10-1112020
    • Equipment: 644519-12-551100-67750-10-1112020
    • Internet Service: 585519-12-551100-67750-10-1112020

The following represents the approval/process workflow to follow for employee reimbursement of telecommuting expenses, agreed to by the District and employee groups.

There are two primary parts to this process:​​

Part I: Employees complete the Request for Telecommuting Expense Reimbursement e-Form, or Flat Rate Differential Reimbursement Request as appropriate.

1. If needed, gather your documentation; scan, download or take a picture of your receipts and or statements. To help expedite your request, convert your documentation to PDF format (File > Print and select “Microsoft Print to PDF” as the printer and click print).​

2. Thoroughly check the documentation to ensure accuracy.​

3. Complete the e-Form and upload your documentation from Step 1 to that form.​

4. Click “Submit” on the e-Form to initiate the approval process.​

5. Check your email for approval or denial.

Part II:  Departmental Fiscal Contact should then submit approved requests using the Payment Request process within PeopleSoft Financials.​

1. Attach eForm to the Payment Request.

Five Minutes with Fiscal — Merging Documents (and converting to .PDF)​

Alternative merge method:

Five Minutes with Fiscal — Payment Requests

Creating-a-Payment-Request Guide


*The account strings noted above are to be used by PCCD employees when submitting requests for reimbursement of telecommuting supplies as agreed to in the Memorandums of Understanding (MOU’s) between the District and its employee groups.  Below are links to forms that are relevant to telecommuting processes during the pandemic.

Heather A. Sutton, Administrative Specialist II

Vacant, Accounting Manager

Brandi Y. Taveuveu, Budget and Payroll Manager

Cassandra Stone, Student Accounts & Cashiering Manager

Amber Cross, Acting Purchasing Supervisor