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How to Purchase a Parking Permit

Parking permits are now your registered license plate- physical permits are no longer available! Using the link on your MyPalomar account, you can register your license plate(s) and pay for your parking permit. Permits are no longer available for purchase on campus and must be purchased through your MyPalomar account. For more information, visit the Campus Police page at


Purchasing a Parking Permit:

  1. Student will log in to their MyPalomar account. Select Student Center. Under “My Finances and Financial Assistance” will be a link to purchase the parking permit.

2. Student will select Parking Permit link. If Student is not enrolled in classes for that term, the link will not be present.  They will be redirected to the Credential Page to purchase their permit and add in any cars they would like to add.  Student will enter personal information on first page. Click Next.

3. Student will have the option to select a Regular Permit or a Motorcycle Permit.

Vehicle Permits

  • Up to five separate license plates- can be any vehicle (car, motorcycle, etc.). Only one car is allowed on campus at a time.
  • Cost is based on information found insystem
    • Regularly $46 for students not qualifying for a special rate
    • CCPG- $26
    • EOPS- Free to Student
    • Promise- Free to Student
    • Third Party Contract- Some students will receive a Free pass based on if their third party is paying for their pass
  • All of this information will pull over from Palomar’s system automatically and student assessed appropriate fee (if applicable)

Motorcycle Permits

  • Up to five separate motorcycles only can be registered. Cars cannot be added
  • Flat rate of $20
  • If a student wants to add a car after already purchasing a motorcycle pass, they will need to pay for a Vehicle permit. In order to avoid this, a student should purchase a Vehicle Permit and add the motorcycle under the Vehicle Permit.

4. Student will enter their vehicle information.

5. Student will verify vehicle and license plate was entered correctly and add any additional vehicles if needed.

6. Student will review the information provided and select Payment Method. All Credit Cards are processed online through Credentials. If a student elects the Cash option below, they must go to a Cashier’s Office (any campus) to provide payment. Pass will not be valid until payment has been received.

7. If student elects to pay credit card, they will be directed to the payment page where they will enter their credit card information. Click Submit order once payment information is entered.

After submitting the payment, the receipt page will pop up. A receipt will also be sent to the student’s Palomar email address.

8. If student elects to pay cash at a Cashier’s Office, they will not go to a payment page. The receipt page will just pop up when Submit is clicked. Parking permit is not valid until payment has been made at the Cashier’s Office. 


For students wishing up to update a license plate or add another vehicle, they will go to the confirmation email they received from Credentials’ Solutions and click the link. Up to 5 vehicles can be registered per student. Please note that only one car can be on campus at any time.

Heather A. Sutton, Administrative Specialist II

Vacant, Accounting Manager

Brandi Y. Taveuveu, Budget and Payroll Manager

Cassandra Stone, Student Accounts & Cashiering Manager

Amber Cross, Acting Purchasing Supervisor