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Refund Policy

A student must officially drop or withdraw from a class by the published deadlines in order to receive credit.  No refunds or waivers will be granted for drops after the refund deadline, unless the class is cancelled by the College.   Not attending classes does not warrant a refund or waiver of fees.  Dropping classes is the student’s responsibility.   There is no prorated refund schedule.  Classes dropped within the refund period are subject to refund of the following fees – enrollment, health, materials, and non-resident tuition.  Parking permits must be returned to the Cashier’s Office on or before the appropriate refund deadline date for the semester.

Students who paid for classes prior to receiving a BOG waiver will receive a refund once the BOG waiver is processed and posted to the student’s account.  For information related to waiver of enrollment fees, contact the Palomar College Financial Aid Office.

Important Deadlines

For deadlines, refer to the Spring 2018 Class Schedule.

Automatic Refund Process

Refunds will be processed periodically beginning the fourth week of the semester.  Refunds will be processed automatically for:

  • Credit amounts of $1 or more
  • Cancelled classes
  • BOG Waiver reimbursements (Note: BOG only waives enrollment fees; other mandatory fees are not waived.)

Students will receive a refund in the form of original payment, excluding cash.  If payment was made by credit card, the refund will be credited back to the credit card used.  If payment was made by cash or check, the refund check will be mailed to the student’s address of record.   Students must ensure that their correct mailing address is on file with the Admissions Office.  Submit a Student Data Change form to Admissions to update your student record.

Refunds cannot be carried forward for credit to the next semester registration. Refunds are processed after all fees or obligations owed to the College are met.