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Frequently Asked Questions? 

  •  If I am a student in one of the Kine 128 classes can I still get a membership?

Yes. Students love the Membership convenience of using the locker rooms & showers in our facility, instead of using the O-Building.

  • What’s the difference between becoming a member or using the facility as a student in one of the Kine 128 classes?

Membership offers additional perks that Student status does not: use of the showers, toiletries (upon availability), locker rooms, intersession, some holidays and unlimited use. Student use requires enrollment in one of the Kine 128 classes or Health Lab classes, Palomar ID card (for Kine 128), provide your own personal towel and fulfillment of required hours/visits (varies depending on class syllabus and/or instructor).

  • Can I put my membership on hold?

Yes, All persons with 3 month or more memberships may freeze their memberships for a minimum of one month and maximum of two years. Fill-out a Freeze Form at the Fitness Center front desk.

  • Is the Fitness Center open during intersession, holidays and weekends?

Yes. The Fitness Center is open during some Palomar College holidays and intersession.  Holiday hours/closures are posted in advance.

  • Does the Fitness Center offer exercise instruction and follow-up appointments?

During Kinesiology class times, there is a certified Fitness Instructor on the floor that is usually available for assistance. This is based purely on availability, as their priority is the students in their class. When available, instructors are happy to assist our members with their Fitness goals.

  • Where do members park?

The Fitness Center offers designated parking spaces for members. We offer six-month ($60.00) or monthly ($10.00) permits.  Current students, Faculty, and Staff of Palomar College CANNOT purchase a member parking pass.  

  • Can I bring a guest?

Yes. All residents (18yrs. & Up) of San Diego County receive three free visits each calendar year.  After three free visits, multiple membership options are available.

  • May I use the Palomar College pool as part of my Fitness Center Membership?

         YES!  Fitness Center Members may use the Palomar College Pool during specified Member Swim hours.  Clink the link HERE, or speak with a front desk staff member for available times and details.