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Membership Options

Payroll Deduction is available for Classified & Contracted Palomar College Faculty/Staff

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Membership P-1: 2 Years              –  Paid-in-Full – $254.00

Membership P-2: 1 Year               –  Paid-in-Full – $150.00

Membership P-3: 6 Months           –  Paid-in-Full – $84.00

Membership P-4: 3 Months           –  Paid-in-Full – $64.00


Family Member* G-1:   2 Years    – Paid-in-Full – $224.00

Family Member* G-2:   1 Year     – Paid-in-Full – $124.00

Family Member* G-3:   6 Months – Paid-in-Full – $64.00

Family Member* G-4:   3 Months – Paid-in-Full – $40.00

** All Family Members Discounts =Primary member must also be enrolled for the same period or longer.

The following persons are eligible for the family member discount (one family member must pay the regular rate).

Spouses               Children (Min. 18 years)               Parents                        Brothers                       Sisters

Membership S: Month – to – Month Membership – $20.00 / Month

Membership S-Family: Month – to – Month Family Discount – $15.00 / Month

Month-to-Month Guidelines (See front desk staff)

Month-to-Month membership prices: Add $10.00 administration fee, due at initial registration and any lapse in membership of 3 months or more.

Fees are due the 1st of each month: A $5.00 late fee will be charged for all payments received after the 5th.

If you do not pay the month’s fee but return during that month, you must pay for the entire month plus the $5 late fee.


Parking is available, for purchase, to all members who are NOT current Palomar College faculty, staff, or students.  We offer Six Month ($60.00) or Monthly ($10.00) permits.


All (18 & above) residents of San Diego County receive 3 FREE Visits per year.  3 Visit Pass members may obtain a visitors pass (max. 2 hours) from Campus Police.


Memberships may be frozen for a minimum of one month.  See a FC Staff member for details.
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