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All-In Campaign – Back To School


Back To School


Back to School means something different this year. It means meeting the educational challenge that students face by using new technology, new approaches, and new attitudes. What remains the same is the goal, a Palomar College degree that leads to success for each student and the community of which they are a part.  

School isn’t just a place, it’s a commitment to learning. But it can be impossible for many of our students who face barriers to learning by not having a proper computer, internet or textbooks. Help us remove these barriers for the thousands of Palomar College students heading back to school during these challenging times. Be ALL-IN by donating today!



Ruth’s Story

Ruth is currently enrolled as a third semester nursing student.  As a first-generation college student and the oldest out of four, attending college has been difficult, especially during these unprecedented times.  Ruth is now required to have a computer and printer in order to participate in Zoom meetings, nursing labs, and projects. In previous semesters, she would use college resources such as the Library and Student Union to use technology to work on assignments. However, due to closure of campus, it will be difficult for her to continue in the program without these resources. Ruth wants to continue her education and graduate from Palomar College’s Nursing Program so that she too can be at the front lines and helping those in need.

Thank you for providing a chance to continue with the nursing program at Palomar College. I want to be able to give back to my community. It’s a privilege for me to go to college since both my parents never got the chance”. –  Ruth O.