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Palomar College Learning For Success


Why are we hosting a virtual 5K?

This year’s event means a lot—to us, and to the students whose lives are being changed because of your generosity in participating. The same pandemic that made this year’s Monster Dash a virtual one has also made it increasingly difficult for many students to remain in school and have the resources they need to succeed. Students who had part-time jobs have in many cases been furloughed. Many students lack computers or other technology they need to take their courses online. Your participation makes an impact on removing these barriers to education.


Meet Ruth

Ruth is currently enrolled as a third semester nursing student. As a first-generation college student and the oldest out of four, attending college has been difficult, especially during these unprecedented times.  Ruth is now required to have a computer and printer in order to participate in Zoom meetings, nursing labs, and projects. In previous semesters, she would use college resources such as the Library and Student Union to use technology to work on assignments. However, due to the closure of campus, it will be difficult for her to continue in the program without these resources. Ruth wants to continue her education and graduate from Palomar College’s Nursing Program so that she too can be at the frontlines and helping those in need.

Thank you for providing a chance to continue with the nursing program at Palomar College. I want to be able to give back to my community. It’s a privilege for me to go to college since both my parents never got the chance”. – Ruth O.


Meet Edgar

Edgar was recently released from the Vista Detention Facility. During his time incarcerated, he took classes through Palomar College and was then introduced to the Transitions Program.

The Transitions Program provides previously incarcerated individuals a smooth transition from the criminal justice system to Palomar College. This includes the tools, resources and community connections to help students with their educational and basic needs so that they can achieve educational success and personal empowerment. Due to COVID-19, the first all-online Transitions Program for formerly incarcerated students was offered this summer. A laptop computer and textbook assistance provided by the Foundation made it possible for Edgar to get set up to return to school as a Palomar College student this fall. With the classes he took while in jail and through the Transitions Program this summer, Edgar already earned 25 units with a 3.88 GPA. He’s well on his way to his goal of transferring to earn his Bachelor’s Degree.

“Your assistance means so much to me and I can’t even start to express my gratitude. Thank you for giving me the opportunity and the chance to further my education through a time of hardship and necessity but also through a time of change. Change for my future, change for my kids, and change for myself. Having people who believe that there is still hope for individuals like myself who have been incarcerated has made me realize that, this does not define who I am.” – Edgar D.