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President’s Invitational Golf Classic 2020

No Show Tournament 2020—Major Impact!

Sponsorship Opportunities Available July 15-August 17!


The health and safety of everyone took priority and necessitated cancellation of this year’s President’s Invitational Golf Classic.

The COVID-19 pandemic did not, however, cancel the need for student support. In fact, the need is even more urgent and compelling than before. Many of our students work one or more jobs to pay for their education, and most of those jobs have been lost. These students, like Mark, want to stay in school, complete their education, and enjoy the social and economic advantages they know that education will confer. But they can’t do it without our assistance, and we can’t do it without your assistance.

On their behalf, we are asking sponsors to consider making the full amount of their sponsorship commitment a gift to the Palomar College Foundation’s Darlene Shiley Emergency Fund. The golf event is our major fundraiser, and without this revenue some students will not receive the support that they need to continue their education this Fall.

We know this is an extraordinary request. We make it because these are extraordinary times, and because we know the investment will be repaid many times over as these students become your employees and customers—and our communities’ leaders—in years to come.

The Palomar College Foundation President’s Invitational Golf Classic is a chance to change a life.


For more information contact Linda Moynan at or 760-744-1150, Ext. 2732

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