About FYE

First-Year Experience (FYE) is a year-long college program focused on providing first-year students with the services and support needed to transition successfully to college. The program encourages academic achievement, social integration, and personal success with the assistance of a strong support network of peers, staff, and faculty. Students participate in an orientation and receive individual college planning and financial aid application assistance, referrals to college resources, mentoring, and tutoring support; they participate in academic enrichment, career, and social activities throughout the year as well.

Graduating high school students from eligible local public high schools will receive additional resources from Palomar Promise. This will include free tuition and up to $1,000 in textbook assistance for the first year. All Palomar Promise students will receive the benefits of participating in FYE.

The philosophy of the First-Year Experience program is to empower and support students in their goal of obtaining higher education. The program creates mechanisms which help students understand the college process. By fostering partnership with faculty, staff, and support services the program seeks to enhance retention of all first-year students. The First-Year Experience program values individuality and diversity, and recognizes that students enter college with varying knowledge and goals. The program is committed to assist students to gain and maintain motivation, and to completing set goals.

Important Enrollment Deadlines- Fall 2017


Contact Information
First Year Experience Program
Office: Palomar College Teaching & Learning Center, TLC-100
Email: firstyearexperience@palomar.edu
Phone: 760-744-1150, Ext 3931