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Welcome to Graphic Communications Department!

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Spring 2019 Semester starts on January 28, 2019! Class Schedule

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Courses under CALM:
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Transferable Courses to University of California and California State Universities.

Palomar has many courses which fulfill general education and lower division course requirements which are transferable to colleges and universities across the United States.

All Graphics courses are USC and/or CSU transferable. Please check Palomar College Catalog for course listing.

Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) – UC/CSU

  • GC102 History of The Book – AREA 3B: Humanities
  • GC115 Graphics & Media – AREA 3A: Arts
  • GCMW100 History of Multimedia – AREA 4: Social & Behavioral Sciences

California State University General Education (CSUGE) Requirements

  • GC101 History of GC – AREA C1: Arts
  • GC115 Graphics & Media – AREA C1: Arts
  • GC102 History of The Book – AREA C2: Humanities
  • GCMW100 History of Multimedia – AREA D: Social Sciences

Distance Learning Courses

Distance learning course are designed for you. You decide the time and days you take the class. Distance learning offers flexibility for your active lifestyle.

*NOTE: Distance Learning students must use their STUDENT PALOMAR E-MAIL ACCOUNT to communicate with their instructors. How do you set up your e-mail account? Instructions are listed at Enrollment Services web site (click here)

  • GC100 Graphic Communications
  • GC101 History of GC
  • GC102 History of The Book
  • GC115 Graphics & Media
  • GCIP122 Painter
  • GCIP140 Digital Imaging / Photoshop I
  • GCIP141 Digital Imaging / Photoshop II
  • GCIP149 Page Layout with InDesign
  • GCIP190 Copyright for Graphic Designers
  • GCMW100 History of Multimedia
  • GCMW102 Web Page Layout I
  • GCMW115 Web Page Layout / WordPress
  • GCMW177 SEO for Web Design
  • GCMW190 Copyright for Web Developers
  • GCMW232 Web Accessibility Design

Face to Face

Face to Face courses are designed for the student who wants extra support. You are in a hands-on lab atmosphere to receive that extra help when needed.

  • GCIP140 Digital Imaging / Photoshop I
  • GCIP141 Digital Imaging / Photoshop II
  • GCIP168 Digital Imaging with Drones I
  • GCIP170 Screen Printing
  • GCIP172 Textile Screen Printing
  • GCMW165 Digital Video Design
  • GCMW204 Motion Graphics for Multimedia
  • GCMW205 Digital Video for Multimedia
  • GCMW206 Motion Graphics Productions & Compositing

Hybrid Classes

Need extra help but flexibility as well.  Hybrid course have one class a week face 2 face then the other class time is designed by you. You select when you can spend the extra time working on your course work each week.

  • GCIP105 Design for Print Production
  • GCIP152 Digital Publishing I with Illustrator
  • GCMW204 Motion Graphics for Multimedia

To enroll in classes, please go to Palomar College web site at

Palomar College – Graphic Communications
1140 West Mission Road, San Marcos, CA 92069
760-744-1150 ext.2452