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Academic Programs

Graphic Communications encompasses the techniques of setting a mood and conveying information to the viewer using a variety of printing techniques, multimedia, and the Internet. Some degree programs and certificates include classes offered by other departments at Palomar College including Art, Business, Computer Science, Library Technology, and Media Studies to provide the student a broad-based, interdisciplinary range of skills.

There are three areas of specialization available to the student:

  • Imaging and Publishing

More than ink on paper, print media requires effective and efficient layout techniques and skillful shop and project management to provide a cost-effective product.

  • Web Design

The explosive growth of the Internet continues with rapid developments in the World Wide Web. The GC department provides in-depth instruction in leading edge software tools and techniques including site layout, database design, copyright and accessibility considerations, and portfolio development.

  • Motion Graphics, Multimedia and Digital Video

The field of motion graphics is becoming more important in advertising, visual effects, online marketing, educational short subjects, and HD video production.

Programs of Study

Traditional Degree Programs
For the individual looking for a well-rounded, broad-based education experience in Print, Web Design, and Motion Graphics.

Proficiency Programs
For the individual desiring a short, targeted training to gain or enhance specific skills in Print, Web Design, and Motion Graphics..

Class Lengths

Classes are scheduled in varying lengths throughout the year, making it possible to customize a program of study to your needs:

  • Semester (16 weeks): Fall classes start in mid-August, Spring classes start in mid-January.
  • Fast-Track (6 or 8 weeks): Summer classes start in mid-June, Fall classes start in mid-August and mid-October, Spring classes start in mid-January and late March.

Check the current and upcoming class schedules for details.