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Screen Printing

A.S. Degree Major or Certificate of Achievement

Prepares students for entry-level positions in project planning, copy preparation, camera operation, screen preparation, stencil making, printing, and sales.

Due to recent advances in screen printing technology, screen printing is becoming very commercialized. These breakthroughs have allowed screen printing to compete on a large scale with other processes. Productive, challenging careers are growing in the screen printing field at a steady rate.

Program Requirements
BMGT 105 Small Business Management 3
GCIP 105 Design for Print Production 3
GCIP 140 Digital Imaging/Photoshop I 3
GCIP 152 Digital Publishing/Illustrator I 3
GCIP 170 Screen Printing 3
GCIP 172 Textile Screen Printing 3
GCIP 180 Digital Prepress and Press I 3
GCIP 252 Digital Publishing/Illustrator II 3
GCIP 270 Commercial Screen Printing 3
Electives (Select one course)
GCIP 240 Digital Imaging/Photoshop III 3
GCIP 255 Electronic Package Design 3
CE 100 Cooperative Education 1 – 4
Total units 28-31

* Cooperative Education must be related to this major

Palomar College 2018-2019 Catalog