This site is for students in my English 245 class (Survey of Biblical Literature) and for the general public that might be curious about the Bible. Considering the Bible is the foundational book of the Western world, it’s sad that so many today are illiterate when it comes to what’s in this book, so I hope the material here can help you understand the Bible, no matter your theological beliefs.

I have a couple of things here for both my students and the general public. There are audio files of my lectures for those who want to reinforce what we covered in class and for those who couldn’t make it to class. Even if you didn’t take the class, I think you’d get something out of the lectures. In addition, the site has documents relating to the Bible for those who wish to go beyond the material we cover in class. Each set of documents is listed on a separate page–Jesus and the New Testament, Jewish History and the Old Testament, Reading the Bible, The Bible and Archeology. Let me know how I can make this site better for you.