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ASL Interpreter/CART Service Agreement

Palomar College looks to promote equal opportunity for all its employees and acceptance of this Agreement is meant to provide access and accommodations for its employees.

Please review the following information and and click “Submit” at the end of the page.

I will request services by completing and submitting an Employee Accommodation Form located on the Human Resource Services webpage. This step only needs to be completed once, unless the nature of the accommodation that I need changes. HR will work with me to approve this accommodation so that I may move to the next step in the ASL Interpreting/CART request process.

I will request ASL Interpreting/CART services in a timely manner by completing an ASL Interpreting/CART Request form. I will request ongoing services for fast-track or semester-long courses no less than 2 weeks in advance to secure ASL Interpreters/CART service providers.

I will request services for other campus meetings or events five (5) business days in advance by completing the online ASL Interpreting/CART Request form.

f I will be absent or need to cancel services, I will notify the Program Coordinator of Interpreting Services (IC) in advance at The IC must have at least 24 hours’ notice to cancel ASL Interpreting/CART services unless due to illness or medical emergency. More notice is appreciated, if possible. Please do not tell your assigned interpreter directly to cancel services – this process is coordinated through the IC’s office.

Service providers will wait in class/event for the first 20 minutes. If I have not arrived 20 minutes after the class/event has begun, the service provider will leave, and remaining services for that class/event may be cancelled.



If I change my contact information, I will immediately inform the IC office. The IC may not be able to communicate with me if I use an email address other than my Palomar email address.

I understand that failure to follow the guidelines above may result in temporary suspension or permanent termination of ASL Interpreting/CART services.