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Administrator/CAST Classification Study

Posted 7/16/2018

Review of Preliminary Recommendations

The District has received preliminary classification recommendations from Reward Strategy Group (RSG) for each classification in the Administrative Association and Confidential and Supervisory Team.  Over the summer, the District is reviewing these recommendations to determine if RSG’s classification plan will meet the District’s needs.

After this review, the District will respond to RSG for any changes.  RSG will then develop the class specifications for each classification and Human Resource Services will distribute them to employees and their supervisors for review and comment.

If you have questions about the study, please contact Shawna Cohen at ext. 2608 or


Classification Study Updates and Documents

Position Description Questionnaire Documents

The Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ), instructions for completing the PDQ, and Manager’s Supplement are linked below.

Classification Study Steering Committee

  • Lisa Norman, Ed.D., J.D., Assistant Superintendent/Vice President, Human Resource Services
  • Ruth Barnaba, Manager, Tutoring Services
  • Shawna Cohen, Manager, Equal Employment Opportunity and Compliance
  • Ralph Johnson, Construction Project Manager, Proposition M
  • Chelsea Kott, Supervisor, Student Affairs
  • Connie Sterling, Manager, Library
  • Brian Stockert, Dean, Counseling Services