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General Employment Information at Palomar

I applied for a position and didn't receive an interview. I know I meet the minimum qualifications. What can I do to demonstrate that I'm qualified?

On your application, please include all your related experience for the position you are applying for, detailing your job duties as they related to the minimum qualifications on the posting. Since meeting the minimum qualifications for a position does not guarantee that you will receive an interview, being thorough will help HR determine if you meet the minimum qualifications, and help the hiring committee with their decision on who to interview.

Does Palomar sponsor visas for employees from other countries?

Palomar College does not sponsor visas for employees or assist employees in obtaining work visas.

I have a degree from an institution that is not in the United States. Will you accept my degree?

Degrees that are completed outside of the United States are required to have transcripts evaluated (evaluation to U.S. equivalency and a course by course analysis) by an appropriate U.S. credentials evaluation service.

For a list of credentials evaluation agencies accepted by Palomar College, visit the National Association of Credentials Evaluation Services (NACES) website at, or the Association of International Credential Evaluators, Inc. (AICE) website at

Palomar College does not endorse or recommend any particular agency on these sites. Please note that credentials evaluation agencies charge a fee for their services and that we are unable to reimburse for these fees. Human Resource Services will accept unofficial copies of transcript evaluations until the date of hire.

When will you contact me regarding the position I applied for?

We generally begin scheduling interviews 2-8 weeks after a position closes. You can expect to receive notification about your application’s status at that time. We call all candidates who are selected for interviews and send emails to all candidates who have not been selected for interviews. If it has been more than two months since the first screening deadline and you haven’t received correspondence from us, you may contact us via email at¬†or by calling (760) 744-1150 ext. 3024.

Can I interview via telephone or videoconferencing?

Due to the nature of our hiring process, and to ensure fairness and consistency for all interviewees, Palomar College only conducts interviews in person on our campus. We are unable to interview candidates by telephone or videoconferencing. If you are invited to an interview, you will be required to come to the campus for your interview.

I have a disability and need an accommodation during the hiring process.

Please complete the Confidential Data Sheet portion of your application packet, in which you can describe your needs and request specific accommodations. Or, if you prefer, you may contact our office by phone at (760) 744-1150 ext. 3024 or email us at to discuss your needs confidentially.

Equal Employment Opportunity, Unlawful Discrimination, and Sexual Harassment Policies

The District’s Equal Employment Opportunity Plan, unlawful discrimination and sexual harassment policies, and relevant complaint procedures are available on the District’s Equity and Diversity page.

What are the minimum qualifications to teach at Palomar College?

Minimum Qualifications are determined by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office. A detailed list can be found by clicking the following link: Minimum Qualifications Handbook.

If I have already completed a Live Scan for another job, will those results work for Palomar College?

Live Scan must be done solely for the Palomar Community College District. Live Scan done for other schools or professions will not qualify for employment on campus.

Do I need to pay for my Live Scan?

All classification groups are responsible for the costs associated with Live Scan (fingerprinting), with the exception of Student Workers and Volunteers.
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