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Employee Forms

Please see the Personnel Information page for the appropriate employee group for the following forms:

Department Use Forms
Questions contact Christine Winterle ex.2674

Position Request and Classification Forms

  • Position Authorization Request – After you complete the form (#1-4), please route for all signatures (#5-9) in order via Adobe Sign.
  • Out-of-Classification Replacement Request – This form is to be used to request a full out-of-class replacement for a vacant position.
  • Classified Reclassification Request – Classified employees or their supervisors may use this form to request reclassification of classified positions. Note: if you are having difficulties in signing the form, supervisors may send an email directly to Shawna Cohen at indicating the following: 1) the name of the employee who is submitting the request, and 2)approval or disapproval of the request (with reasons provided for disapproval). These emails will be merged with the employee’s reclassification request form. Please contact Shawna Cohen if you have questions or need further support at ext. 2608 or
  • New Classification Request Packet – Used by administrators and supervisors to request development of a new classification.  Contact Shawna Cohen at ext. 2608 or for more information.

Benefit Forms

Leave Forms

Workers’ Compensation Forms

  • Follow the link here – forms are listed under “Resources”.

Policy Forms (Palomar College Policies and Procedures)

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