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Administrators and CAST – Classification Titles, Class Specifications, and Salary Grades

Administrative and Confidential and Supervisory Team (CAST) classification titles and salary grades are listed below.  Click on a position title to view a class specification or click on the salary grade to view the Administrative/CAST Salary Schedule.

You can sort by classification title or salary grade or use the “Search” box to find a position that you are looking for.

Note: Human Resource Services is in the process of posting CAST class specifications developed in the classification study and distributing them to classified staff reclassified to CAST positions.

Position TitleSalary GradeEmployment Group
Director of Foundation Operations64Classified Administrator
Assistant Superintendent/Vice President, Student Services79Executive Administrator
Assistant Superintendent/Vice President, Finance and Administrative Services79Executive Administrator
Assistant Superintendent/Vice President, Human Resource Services79Executive Administrator
Assistant Superintendent/Vice President, Instruction79Executive Administrator
Chief of Police67Classified Administrator
Coordinator, International Education50Classified Administrator
Manager, Tutoring Services52Educational Administrator
Dean, Counseling Services75Senior Administator
Dean, Instructional75Senior Administator
Director, Athletics71Educational Administrator
Director, Telecommunications - Grants71Classified Administrator
Director, Communications, Marketing, and Public Affairs67Classified Administrator
Director, Development/Executive Director for the Foundation72Classified Administrator
Senior Director, Enrollment Services75Educational Administrator
Director, Extended Opportunity Programs & Services66Educational Administrator
Director, Education Center70Educational Administrator
Director, Facilities70Classified Administrator
Director, Financial Aid, Veterans and Scholarship Services68Educational Administrator
Director, Fiscal Services70Classified Administrator
Director, Grant Funded Student Programs68Educational Administrator
Director, Health Services66Educational Administrator
Director, Information Services75Classified Administrator
Senior Director, Research, Planning, Institutional Effectiveness, and Grants75Educational Administrator
Director, Occupational and Noncredit Programs68Educational Administrator
Director, Student Affairs67Educational Administrator
Director, Workforce and Community Development60Educational Administrator
Fiscal Administrator52Classified Administrator
Internal Auditor/Analyst55Classified Administrator
Information Services Manager, Network and Technical Services69Classified Administrator
Information Services Manager, Systems and Programming69Classified Administrator
Manager, Academic Technology60Classified Administrator
Manager, Broadcast Operations56Classified Administrator
Manager, Construction and Facilities Planning66Classified Administrator
Manager, Education Center57Classified Administrator
Manager, Education Center/Counselor63Educational Administrator
Manager, Educational Television and KKSM Radio Operations56Classified Administrator
Manager, Accounting64Classified Administrator
Manager, Instruction Office50Classified Administrator
Manager, Library52Classified Administrator
Manager, Performing Arts Production50Classified Administrator
Manager, Web Development Services60Classified Administrator
Police Lieutenant56Classified Administrator
Institutional Research Analyst53Classified Administrator
Senior Institutional Research Analyst57Classified Administrator
Title III/STEM Institutional Research Analyst53Classified Administrator
Police Sergeant50CAST
Manager, Contract and Procurement Services64Classified Administrator
Administrative Coordinator44CAST
Assessment/School Relations Coordinator45CAST
Construction Project Manager, Proposition M50CAST
Manager, Radio Station39CAST
Police Academy Coordinator60Educational Administrator
Police Academy Director68Educational Administrator
Supervisor, Business Support Services42CAST
Supervisor, Counseling Services45CAST
Supervisor, Enrollment Services48CAST
Supervisor, Environmental Health and Safety52CAST
Supervisor, Extended Opportunity Programs & Services45CAST
Supervisor, Facilities43CAST
Supervisor, Grant Funded Student Programs45CAST
Supervisor, Grounds Services45CAST
Supervisor I, Building Services48CAST
Supervisor I, Custodial Services36CAST
Supervisor II, Building Services50CAST
Supervisor II, Custodial Services41CAST
Supervisor, Library45CAST
Supervisor, Media44CAST
Supervisor, Pool Operations39CAST
Supervisor, Public Safety Programs - Fire Technology51CAST
Supervisor, Purchasing Services48CAST
Manager, Teaching and Learning Center52Classified Administrator
Title III/STEM Project Supervisor45CAST
Proposition M Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment Supervisor48CAST
Director, Student Success and Student Equity60Classified Administrator
Manager, Orientation and Follow-up Services52Classified Administrator
Manager, Budget and Payroll64Classified Administrator
Executive Assistant (President's Office)48CAST
Executive Assistant (to Vice President)48CAST
Manager, Enrollment and Financial Aid Services56Classified Administrator
Manager, Outreach Services52Classified Administrator
Senior Executive Assistant to the Superintendent/President and Governing Board52CAST
Superintendent/PresidentPer contractExecutive Administrator
Manager, Client Services and Marketing - TTIP South56Classified Administrator
Director, Disability Resources64Educational Administrator
Manager, GEAR UP52Classified Administrator
Supervisor, TRIO/Educational Opportunity Center and TRIO/Educational Talent Search45CAST
Supervisor, TRIO/Student Support Services45CAST
Supervisor, TRIO/Upward Bound Classic and TRIO/Upward Bound Rural45CAST
Supervisor, Veterans' Services48CAST
Manager, Equal Employment Opportunity and Compliance60Classified Administrator
Associate Dean, Workforce Development and Extended Studies72Educational Administrator
Title V/HSI/STEM Project Supervisor45CAST
Supervisor, Wellness/Fitness Center45CAST
Supervisor, Student Affairs45CAST
Supervisor, Human Resources48CAST
Administrative Coordinator, Workforce Development and Extended Studies44CAST
Director, Workforce Initiatives for Early College Credit

60Educational Administrator
Manager, Professional Learning Network

60Classified Administrator
Manager, Student Accounts and Cashiering

60Classified Administrator
Accreditation Coordinator