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Classified Unit – Classification Titles, Class Specifications, and Salary Grades

Classified unit classification titles and salary grades are listed below.  Click on a  title to view a class specification.   The current classified salary schedule may be viewed here.

Sort the table by title or salary grade, or use the “Search” box to find a specific classification.

Classification TitleSalary Grade
Academic Department Assistant23
Academic Records Analyst24
Academic Records Specialist22
Academic Technology Systems Administrator42
Academy Coordinator - Fire Technology30
Accounting Technician20
Administrative Specialist I18
Administrative Specialist II23
Admissions/Enrollment Coordinator27
Admissions/Financial Aid Specialist I19
Admissions/Financial Aid Specialist II22
Alternate Media Specialist34
American Sign Language/English Interpreter31
Application Developer40
Art Gallery Coordinator18
Assessment Specialist21
Assistant Business Systems Analyst33
Assistant Electrician24
Assistant Program Coordinator - Interpreting Services33
Athletic Equipment Assistant11
Athletic Equipment Specialist20
Athletic Trainer - Certified30
Audio-Visual Technician
BAS Controls Specialist31
Benefits Technician24
Broadcast Production Coordinator30
Budget Technician26
Business Systems Analyst38
Career Center Coordinator26
Career Technical Program Specialist23
Class Schedule Technician23
College Health Nurse - RN37
Communications Specialist/Photographer26
Community Service Officer17
Contracts Administrator32
CSIT Systems Administrator40
Custodian I9
Custodian II13
Custodian III15
Database Analyst40
Development Officer35
Division Administrative Assistant27
Education Center Aide11
Education Center Coordinator23
Education Center Specialist19
Educational Television Engineer25
Educational Television Producer31
Environmental Health and Safety Technician28
ESL Matriculation Coordinator26
ESL Student Advisor21
Events Scheduling Specialist23
Facilities Maintenance Technician18
Facilities Planning Specialist28
Facilities Specialist24
Financial Aid Services Coordinator27
Financial Assistance Analyst24
GEAR UP Site Coordinator26
Grants Administrative Specialist24
Graphics Specialist24
Grounds Maintenance Technician16
Health Services Specialist24
HVAC Technician28
Human Resources Specialist26
Information Technology Security Officer55
Infrastructure Systems Administrator40
Infrastructure Systems Engineer55
Instructional Computer Lab/Helpdesk Specialist28
Instructional Support Assistant I14
Instructional Support Assistant II20
Instructional Support Assistant III24
Instructional Support Assistant IV27
Irrigation Specialist18
Technical Support Specialist28
IT Technical Trainer31
Lead Academic Records Analyst27
Lead Athletic Trainer - Certified32
Lead Carpenter26
Lead Community Service Officer19
Lead Electrician30
Lead Graphics Specialist27
Lead HVAC/Energy Technician30
Lead Plumber30
Library Systems Technician28
Library Technician I14
Library Technician II17
Mail Services Technician22
Marketing Communications Coordinator27
Media/Broadcast Engineer40
Media Equipment Technician20
Media Producer31
Multimedia Development Specialist30
Network/Systems Technician31
Nurse Practitioner - Certified49
Oracle Database Administrator55
Outreach Specialist21
Patron Services Coordinator19
Payroll Technician26
Performing Arts Audio/Video Production Coordinator25
Performing Arts Marketing and Program Coordinator25
Performing Arts Technical Direction Specialist25
Police Academy Training Officer29
Police Compliance Coordinator29
Police Corporal35
Police Officer32
Police Support Parking Specialist23
Print Services Press Operator26
Print Services Technician22
Program Coordinator - Interpreting Services37
Publication Assistant21
Recruitment Technician24
Risk Management Specialist24
Senior Accounting Technician24
Senior Programmer Analyst50
Senior Buyer24
Senior Class Schedule Technician27
Senior Contracts Administrator34
Curriculum Specialist30
Senior Education Center Coordinator26
Senior Grounds Maintenance Technician18
Senior Infrastructure Systems Administrator43
Senior Irrigation Specialist25
Senior Library Technician20
Senior Media/Helpdesk Specialist28
Senior Network/Systems Technician35
Senior Recruitment Specialist26
Social Media Specialist21
Sports Information Specialist26
Student Activities Coordinator26
Student Support Assistant14
Student Support Specialist I18
Student Support Specialist II20
Teaching and Learning Center Assistant20
Teaching and Learning Center Specialist23
Technical Theatre Coordinator25
Tutoring Center Coordinator23
Tutoring/Proctoring Assistant18
Vehicle and Equipment Mechanic26
Ventilation and Welding Technician28
Veterans Services Specialist23
Warehouse Technician16
Web Analyst43
Web Coordinator40
Camp Pendleton Site Coordinator25
Educational Television Broadcast Assistant23
Educational Television Broadcast Specialist25
Instructional Design Coordinator40
Senior Grants Administrative Specialist30
Senior HVAC Technician29
Student Health Administrative Assistant27
Lead Irrigation Specialist30
Lead Grounds Maintenance Technician20
Camp Pendleton Site Specialist20
Senior Concrete/Masonry Technician20
Technical Services Systems Administrator40
Job Developer26
Police Department Dispatch Coordinator24
Service Learning Coordinator26
Senior Curriculum Technician26
Teaching and Learning Center Coordinator26
Environmental Health and Safety Specialist32
Counseling Services Program Coordinator24
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