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Class Scheduling Information

College Catalog 2015.16     Class Scheduling Handbook edited     quick tips edited



Fall 2020 Scheduling

10/07/2019  Deans receive first access to new term.

10/21/2019  General Instructions Distributed.

11/15/2019  FTEF & room check

12/06/2019  Complete data entry; Schedule due to deans.

12/13/2019  Schedules due to Instruction Office; Deadline to meet printed schedule.

12/16/2019 – 01/10/2020  Ad Astra room optimization

02/10/2020  Final proof of intranet due to deans; FTEF reconciliation prepared.

02/18/2020  Final proof of intranet due to instruction office.

Scheduling TimelineSum 2020Fall 2019Spr 2020
Academic Calendars
Payroll TimelineSum 2019Fall 2019Spring 2017

Class Schedules

Class ScheduleSum 2020Fall 2020Spr 2020
Sample FileSum 2018

Compressed Calendar

Academic Calendar - 2016/17
Contact Hours Computation table
Block Schedule Grid
Block Schedule - Excel
Block Schedule Table
Class Meetings Fall 2016
TW1 Uniform Meeting Times Fall 2016
TW2 Uniform Meeting Times Fall 2016
Sample Meeting Patterns

Classroom Administration

Video Class OfferingsReporting Absences
Use of Restricted RoomsCanceling Classes
Late Additions - CentersSubstitute & Replacement Faculty Guidelines
Room Usage OnlineSubstitute Replacement Faculty Guidelines with SIS Instructions

Term Scheduling Materials

Sum 17Fall 17Spr 18
Scheduling Parameters

Session Table

Table of Class Meetings

Twelve Week Hrs (1)

Twelve Week Hrs (2)

Video Class Form

Online Class Form

Uniform Meeting Times
Uniform Meeting Times - Intersession
Hours Calculator - Nursing Only
Hours Calculator - Compressed