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Instructional Material Fee  – Forms & Information

IMF Form (Save to desktop)Student Fee Handbook - IMF Excerpts
IMF Form (PDF)Student Fee Handbook - All
Title 5 IMF Guidelines
1. If a fee is charged, what does the student get for the fee?
2. How does this material relate to the required objectives of the course?
3. Does the material have continuing value outside the classroom?
4. Is the amount of material consistent with the required objectives of the course?
5. If the district charges a fee rather than having students furnish the materials, will the district supply the material at less cost than the material can be obtained elsewhere AND at the district's actual cost?

Directed Study/Independent Study Contract


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Cal-Card Preauthorization

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Sabbatical Leave Information

Leaves 2018-2019
Leaves 2019-2020
Committee Members 2019/20
Sabbatical Leave Workshop - For PD credit, please link to the PD Portal to log in and report that you have completed the workshop Applicants must review online workshop prior to attending the in-person workshop on Thursday, 9/19/2019, 4-5 p.m. in MD-322.
Applicant and Reporting Timelines 2018-19 (Applications for 2020-21 and Reports for Full Year 2018/19, Spring 2019 & Fall 2020)
Checklist for Sabbatical Leave Final Reports
Contract Excerpts
Sabbatical Leave Priority Point System
- Eligible applicants for Sabbatical Leave during the 2020-2021 academic year must have been hired as full-time faculty for (or prior to) Fall 2014 and must not have taken a previous sabbatical leave after Spring 2014 for a Fall 2020 leave request, and after Fall 2014 for a Spring 2021 leave request.Determining Sabbatical Leave Eligibility
Coursework Activity During Sabbatical Leave
Salary Schedule Credit Contract Excerpt

Sabbatical Leave Forms

Notice of Intent 2020-2021 (due 09/15/2019)
Sabbatical Leave Application 2020-2021
Report Extension
Sabbatical Leave Report Approval
*Sample Applications (3)
*Examples of Abstracts
Salary Schedule Credit

Shayla Sivert
Acting Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Instruction

Headshot of Acting VPI Shayla Sivert