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FAS – Prop 20 Lottery Allocations for 2019-2020

The following are examples of approved instructional expenditures:

  • BlackBoard
  • Sinoco World Languages
  • Subscription of wire service to use by students
  • Maintenance of instructional software
  • Textbooks for use by students
  • Video and audio materials
  • Software licensing expenditures

The following District purchases have been disallowed in previous audits and were considered more “administrative” than instructional:

  • CurricUNET
  • Repair and maintenance of a radio transmitter for a radio program (publicly licensed/student operated station)
  • Digitizing student newspapers to use as a research archive and reference database for the journalism program
  • Marketing materials
  • Laptops

Restricted Lottery expenses must have supporting documentation to show the payment for the activity is supported by the curriculum or the instructional experience.  If the instructor lists materials as part of the instructional experience in the syllabus, it could be justifiable. The District can also record educational software purchases to Object 6400 if the cost is over $200.00.

Shayla Sivert
Acting Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Instruction

Headshot of Acting VPI Shayla Sivert

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