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Palomar College Learning For Success

Office of Instructional Services

Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 4:30 pm
AA-104 x 2246

Office of the Vice President  
Jack S. Kahn, Ph.DAssistant Superintendent/Vice President for Instructionx2246
Michelle LaVigueurExecutive Assistant to the Vice President for Instructionx2826
Office of Instructional Services  
Richard LoucksManager, Office of Instructional Services
Curriculum CurricUNET
Rebecca DiazCurricular Schedules Technician
Class Schedule Information
x 2747 and x3326
Cheryl KearseCurriculum Specialist
Curriculum CurricUNET
Barbara LlamasAdministrative Specialist Ix2217
Sandra RichtmyerAdministrative Specialist Ix2246