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Palomar College Learning For Success

Strong Workforce

Strong Workforce:

  • SWP funds are to be used for MORE AND BETTER CTE. The funds cannot supplant.
  • SWP funds are less restrictive than Perkins funding.
  • SWP funding criteria are grouped into seven areas targeting student success, career pathways, workforce data and outcomes, curriculum, CTE faculty, regional coordination and funding.
  • Focuses on data-driven outcomes rather than activities.
  • We have to look at supply and demand to fund a program. Cannot fund a program with an oversupply of certificates/degrees.
  • We have in the past had set asides for curriculum development, marketing and professional development.
  • Generally, we are making these decisions in December-February.

Shayla Sivert
Acting Assistant Superintendent/Vice President of Instruction

Headshot of Acting VPI Shayla Sivert

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