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Do you have a passion for interior design?

The Palomar College Interior Design Program can assist you with transforming your passion into a career. With two programs of studyA.S. Degree Major or Certificate of Achievement – you will learn varying degrees of:

  • The foundational Principals and Elements of Design
  • Business applications such as administrative and business management, marketing, finances, assembling a team of designers, and ethical issues and its implications for designers
  • Residential and commercial design processes
  • Drawing techniques such as hand drafting, AutoCAD, space planning, and illustration methods

Gainful Employment-Interior Design 

Watch our student video below of student work from the Interior Design 125 Presentation Methods class.  We are so proud of our Students and their work.

This is student work from Ellie Gaber’s ID 125 Presentation Methods class for the fall 2017 semester.



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