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Class Selection

Each student is responsible for choosing his/her own classes to enroll in. What classes you must take depends on your educational program (certificate, Associate in Arts degree, or transfer program) and major.


Every new student must take English(ESL) and Math placement tests as soon they are admitted. If you are not in the USA already, and if you are not a native speaker of English, the International Student Counselor looks at your academic records as well as standardized test scores to pre-determine your English/ESL level. We will email you what level of ESL you should take during your first semester, and you should enroll in that class.

Once you arrive on campus, you will take the placement tests. For those of you who received the pre-determined ESL level, and if the placement result is higher, you may modify your registration by crashing into the class of your level.

If you are from a country where the official language is English, you will not receive a pre-determined English level. You will take the placement test upon arrival and crash into an appropriate level when the semester starts or you can take the course the following semester.

If you are currently in the U.S., you must take the placement test at the Assessment Center immediately after you are accepted.

Follow the steps below to select your courses:

Palomar College Orientation Presentation. Read the Palomar College orientation presentation slides carefully.
Read the Selection of Classes information. Pay attention to the example listed on the third and fourth pages.

Choose your general education requirement sheet and print the appropriate sheet.

Associate in Arts Degree General Education Requirements & Supplemental Guide.

California State University General Education Requirements

Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (general education requirement for both University of California system and California State University system – choose this form if you haven’t decided which university you would like to transfer to).

Open the Palomar College Catalog.

If you have decided on a major and which university to transfer to, go to to find out the list of major preparation courses. Here is the Assist Navigation Guide for this site.

Using all the references above, start selecting your classes. If you have been notified of your ESL placement, make sure to select the appropriate ESL class. Using the Plan Your Schedule Sheet will help you avoid classes that overlap, or are offered at other campuses.

Finally, log into e-services and start enrolling in the classes. You may look at the registration instruction sheet  or view the tutorials online to get familiar with how to use e-services.  If you have difficulties selecting your classes, feel free to contact the Office of International Education anytime.