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Housing Accommodations

Palomar College does not offer on-campus student housing.

If you have not made any housing arrangements, and if you want to stay with an American host family, you may contact one of the private homestay organizations below:

*Homestay Agencies:

Homestay Services International:

International Student Placements:

YES Homestay Service (in Japanese):ホームステイサービス/

There are many apartment complexes in the area of Palomar College and there is a transit station for busses and trains at the front entrance to the campus.

*The following is a list of search engines for local apartments:
Apartment Guide
Apartment home living
For Rent
My Apartment Map
Apartment List

*Note: Palomar College is in no way responsible for services provided by the homestay agencies or search engines for apartments.

Housing advertisements by Palomar students: