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International Student Tuition & Fees


Basic Fees:
Tuition $309 per unit *
All international students are required to take a minimum of 12 units per semester.
Health Services Fee $19.00 per semester
Student Center Fee $1.00 per unit (up to $10/academic year)
Student Representation Fee $1.00 per semester
Books $500 (approximately, 2 semesters)
Student Activity Card Fee $15.00 per semester
Parking Fee $40.00 per semester (if you have a car)

Estimated Expenses For One Academic Year (9 months) Based On 12 Units Per Semester:  $18,400 USD*
*All posted fees are subject to change without notice.

Living Expenses $9,100 (based on average Homestay prices)
Tuition and Fees $7,500 (2 semesters)
If you have dependents:
If your dependents will accompany you on F-2 visas, add the following to $18,400:
1. Spouse…………….$4550 USD                 2. Child………………$2275 (per child)
Sickness/Accident Insurance:
All international students are required to have sickness and accident insurance while attending Palomar College. The Office of International Education has information about the required Sickness/Accident policy designed especially for international students.  The current policy costs $1,380 per year (12 months).
Fall Policy  $575
Spring/Summer Policy  $805
Annual Policy  $1,380
Homestay:           $900/month paid to the host family
Placement Fee:    $300 paid to the Homestay program
See our Housing Accommodations link in the menu on the left.
Palomar Colleges does not have any dormitories.
Apartments    $800 – $2000/month + utilities, etc.
There are many apartments located near the college and in the nearby communities.  See our Housing Accommodations link in the menu on the left.