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Palomar College Learning For Success

Welcome to Palomar College Institutional Research and Planning Website!



The Office of Institutional Research and Planning (IR&P) is dedicated to providing our campus community with information and decision-making support to advance the College’s mission. IR&P pursues institutional effectiveness through research, integrated planning, accreditation, internal and external reporting, and grants.

In fulfilling its mission, the IR&P office is guided by a set of core values. 

  • Continuous Improvement
    IR&P focuses its efforts on producing information and engaging in processes aimed at helping the College promote learning and success.  This is achieved by providing guidance, information, and data tools to facilitate decision making and support teaching, learning, planning, and service delivery.
  • Culture of Data Use
    IR&P promotes the dissemination and use of data throughout the campus.  IR&P makes research and data tools accessible and salient, so that it may further discussions regarding learning, success, and other practices.
  • Integrity
    Integrity drives all the work of IR&P, demanding quality and accountability.  The research office emphasizes accuracy, dependability, and timeliness.
  • Equity
    IR&P is committed to equity and to providing research support necessary to ensure equity for Palomar students and staff.
  • Service Orientation
    IR&P strives to provide value to the college community through responsive, respectful, and supportive collaboration with others.

If you need other information or analysis, please contact us at Extension 2360 or submit a request using the Research Request Form.