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Arts, Media, Business & Computer Science

2016-19 Completed Program Review and Planning Forms

             Listed by Department and Discipline
             Link indicates “A” for Annual and “C” for Comprehensive

Arts, Media, Business & Computer Science Division
Arts, Media, Business & Computer Science Division 2016-2017(A)2017-18 (A)2018-19
Art Department
Art2016-2017(C)2017-18 (A)2018-19 (A)
Art Illustration2016-17 (C)2017-18 (A)2018-19 (A)
Art Design2016-17 (C)2017-18 (A)2018-19 (A)
Boehm Gallery 2016-17 (A)2017-18 (A)2018-19
Arts Media Lab
Arts Media Lab 2018-19
Business Administration
Accounting2016-17 (C)2017-18 (A)2018-19 (A)
Business2016-17 (C)2017-18 (A)2018-19 (A)
Business Management2016-17 (C)2017-18 (A)2018-19 (A)
International Business2016-17 (A)2017-18 (C)2018-19 (C)
Legal Studies2016-17 (A)2017-18 (A)2018-19 (C)
Real Estate2016-17 (A)2017-18 (C)2018-19 (C)
Educational Television
Educational Television2016-17 (A)2017-18 (A)2018-19
Graphic Communications
Graphic Communication2016-17 (A)2017-18 (C)2018-19 (C)
Imaging and Publishing2016-17 (A)2017-18 (A)2018-19 (C)
Multimedia & Web2016-17 (A)2017-18 (C)2018-19 (C)
KKSM Radio
KKSM Radio 2016-17 (A)2017-18 (A)2018-19
Media Studies
Cinema2016-17 (A)2017-18 (A)2018-19 (C)
Communications2016-17 (C)2017-18 (C)2018-19 (A)
Digital Broadcast Arts2016-17 (A)2017-18 (C)2018-19 (C)
Entertainment Technology2016-172017-18 (A)2018-19
Journalism2016-17 (A)2017-18 (C)2018-19 (A)
Photography2016-17 (A)2017-18 (A)2018-19 (C)
The Telescope Newspaper2016-17 (A)2017-18 (A)2018-19
Performing Arts
Department PRP2016-17 (A)2017-182018-19
Dance2016-17 (A)2017-18 (A)2018-19 (C)
Entertainment Technology2016-172017-18 (A)2018-19
Music2016-17 (A)2017-18 (A)2018-19 (A)
Performing Arts Complex2016-172017-18 (A)2018-19
Theatre Arts2016-17 (A)2017-18 (C)2018-19 (C)