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Career Technical and Extended Education

2016-19 Completed Program Review and Planning Forms

             Listed by Department and Discipline
             Link indicates “A” for Annual and “C” for Comprehensive

Career, Technical, & Extended Education Division
Career, Technical, & Extended Education Division2016-17 (A)2017-18 (A)2018-19
Cooperative Education
Cooperative Education2016-172017-18 (A)2018-19 (C)
Design & Manufacturing Technologies
Architecture2016-17 (C)2017-18 (C)2018-19 (A)
Construction Inspection2016-17 (A)2017-18 (A)2018-19
Drafting Technology2016-17 (C)2017-18 (A)2018-19 (A)
Fashion2016-17 (C)2017-18 (C)2018-19 (C)
Industrial Technology2016-17 (A)2017-18 (C)2018-19 (C)
Interior Design2016-17 (A)2017-18 (A)2018-19 (C)
Nutrition2016-17 (A)2017-18 (A)2018-19 (C)
Emergency Medical Education
Emergency Medical Education2016-17 (C)2017-18 (A)2018-19 (A)
Extended Ed Sites
Camp Pendleton2016-17 (A)2016-17 (A)2018-19
Escondido 2016-17 (A)2016-17 (A)2018-19
Occupational and Noncredit Programs
Apprenticeship Training2016-17 (A)2017-18 (C)2018-19 (A)
Noncredit Courses2016-172017-182018-19 (C)
Community Education 2016-172017-182018-19 (C)
Adult Basic Education Noncredit (N ABED)2018-19 (C)
Public Safety Programs
Administration of Justice2016-172017-18 (C)2018-19
Fire Technology2016-17 (A)2017-18 (C)2018-19
Fire Academy2016-17 (A)2017-18 (C)2018-19 (A)
Police Academy2016-17 (A)2017-18 (C)2018-19 (A)
Trade and Industry Department
Auto Body2016-17 (A)2017-18 (C)2018-19 (C)
Automotive Technology2016-17 (A)2017-18 (C)2018-19 (C)
Cabinet and Furniture Technology2016-17 (A)2017-18 (C)2018-19 (C)
Diesel Mechanics Technology2016-17 (A)2017-18 (C)2018-19 (C)
Public Works Management 2016-172016-17 (A)2018-19 (A)
Wastewater Technology Education2016-17 (A)2017-18 (A)2018-19 (C)
Water Technology Education 2018-19 (C)
Welding2016-17 (A)2017-18 (C)2018-19 (A)