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Languages and Literature

2016-19 Completed Program Review and Planning Forms

             Listed by Department and Discipline
             Link indicates “A” for Annual and “C” for Comprehensive

Comprehensive PRPs are designated with bold font and appear first in the table, followed by Annual reviews for years 1 and 2. This allows for presentation of Program Review in Planning documents as they are completed sequentially in the three-year review cycle.
Language and Literature
Language and Literature Division2016-172017-18 (A)2018-19
English2016-17 (A)2017-18 (A)2018-19 (C)
Humanities2016-17 (A)2017-18 (A)2018-19 (C)
English as a Second Language (Credit)2016-17 (A)2017-18 (A)2018-19 (C)
English as a Second Language Non-credit courses 2016-17 (A)2017-18 (A)2018-19 (C)
Reading Services
Reading2016-17 (C)2017-18 (A)2018-19 (A)
Speech Communication/Forensics/ASL
American Sign Language2016-17 (A)2017-18 (C)2018-19 (A)
Speech2016-17 (A)2017-18 (A)2018-19 (A)
Tutoring Services
English Dept. Writing Center2018-19
ESL Tutoring Center 2018-19
Tutoring Services 2016-172017-18 (A)2018-19
Teaching and Learning Center (TLC)2016-172017-18 (A)2018-19
World Language Resource Center (WLRC)2018-19
World Languages
Arabic2016-17 (C)2017-18 (A)2018-19 (A)
Chinese2016-17 (C)
2017-18 (A)2018-19 (A)
French2016-17 (C)2017-18 (A)2018-19 (A)
German2016-17 (C)2017-18 (C)2018-19 (A)
Italian2016-17 (C)2017-18 (C)2018-19 (A)
Japanese2016-17 (C)2017-18 (C)2018-19 (A)
Spanish2016-17 (C)2017-18 (C)2018-19 (A)
World Languages Resource Center (WLRC)2018-19
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