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Palomar College Learning For Success

Student Services

2016-19 Completed Program Review and Planning Forms

             Listed by Department and Discipline
             Link indicates “N” for Non-Instructional and “A” for Annual

PRPs Completed for IPC
Athletics2016-172017-18 (A)2018-19
Counseling2016-17 (A)2017-18 (A)2018-19
Disability Resource Center2016-17 (A)2017-18 (A)2018-19
PRPs completed for SSPC
Admissions2016-17 (N)2017-18 (N)2018-19 (N)
Articulation2016-17 (N)2017-2018(N)2018-2019(N)
Assessment2016-17 (N)2017-18 (N)2018-19 (N)
Athletics Non-Instructional2016-17 (N)2017-182018-19 (N)
Career Center2016-17 (N)2017-18 (N)2018-19 (N)
Counseling Instructional
(also listed under IPC)
2016-17 (A)2017-18 (A)2018-19
Counseling - Non-Instructional2016-17 (N)2017-18 (N)2018-19
Disability Resource Center Instructional
(also listed under IPC)
2016-17 (A)2017-18 (A)2018-19
Disability Resource Center - Non Instructional2016-17 (N)2017-18 (N)2018-19 (N)
EOPS/CARE/CalWorks2016-17 (N)2017-18 (N)2018-19 (N)
Evaluations and Records2016-17 (N)2017-18 (N)2018-19 (N)
Fianancial Aid/Scholarships/VeteransEOPS 2016-17 (N)2017-18 (N)2018-19
Student Health Centers2016-17 (N)2017-182018-19
International Education2016-17 (N)2017-18 (N)2018-19 (N)
LGBTQ Pride Center2016-17 (N)2017-18 (N)2018-19 (N)
Outreach Services 2016-172017-18 (N)2018-19 (N)
Palomar College Police2016-17 (N)2017-182018-19 (N)
Student Affairs2016-17 (N)2017-182018-19
Student Equity2016-172017-18 (N)2018-19 (N)
Student Success & Support Program (SSSP)2016-172017-18 (N)2018-19 (N)
Transfer Center2016-17 (N)2017-18 (N)2018-19 (N)


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