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Jim Eighmey

Palomar Anthropology

Archaeological Laboratory Analysis

Anth 215 is a introductory practicum course introduces students to the basic methods of studying human material culture.  Students learn to identify clues which reveal items of human manufacture and use as well as the types of materials typically utilized.
A drying tray with various archaeological materials

Processing Artifacts from the Palomar Field School

An overview of the historical development of various artifact classes is presented Basic craft/manufacturing techniques attached to each material class are explored through an experimental archaeological approach.  Basic collection sampling theory is also introduced along with proper methods of processing and curation of artifacts.
Interior view of Archaeology Lab

Palomar Archaeology Laboratory

Due to the nature of the projects undertaken this course is typically taught in a block one day a week on alternating Spring semesters.  Please check the current course catalog for the schedule.
Students interested in pursuing careers in Archaeology or related fields are strongly encouraged to take both the laboratory and field courses prior to moving on in the BA program or work experience.



Anthropology Still Life

Skull, foot, pot sherd, and projectile point still life


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