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Job Placement Palomar College

Finishing up your major?  What is your Plan? 

Special Note: Job Placement Assistance is Open!

Due to Governor Newsom’s Stay at Home order and our commitment to protecting the health and safety of our faculty and staff, until further notice, I am working remotely.

The design of this free program is to assist Palomar College students who are near the completion of their education plan in finding work within their chosen industry, such as business, transportation, manufacturing, automotive, etc.  Students meet with job placement staff to develop a job plan that includes employment preparation to the first day on the job!

Students wishing to complete an internship program click here.

Are you…

  1. A current Palomar College student or have graduated/completed a program within 90 days?
  2. Willing to make appointments, attend job interviews, complete resumes and look for employment?
  3. Willing to work collaboratively with Job Placement Staff?

Then click on the “Request an Appointment” link.

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