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Journalism Degrees

Journalism Degrees and Recommended Schedules

Option 1: Palomar College Online Journalism Certificate (Coming Soon)

Online Journalism Certificate Requirements

Journalism 101: Multimedia Writing and Reporting =  3 units

Journalism 112L: Online Journalism Lab = 1 unit

Communications 104: Introduction to Public Relations =  3 units

Journalism 200: Mastering Social Media = 3 units

Journalism 130: Writing for Online Journalism =  3 units

Total: 13 units


Recommended Schedule for completion in one year


Journ. 101 Online (Offered every semester)


Comm. 104 Online

Note: Could also take Jour.101 if missed summer)

Winter Intersession (4-weeks in January)

Journ. 200


Jour. 112L Online

Jour. 130  Online

Summer Intersession (4-weeks in May/June)

Jour. 130 (If didn’t take in Spring)

For questions, email Professor Erin Hiro at

Option 2: Palomar College Journalism’s Transfer Degree

AA-T Transfer Major Program Requirements

Communications 100: Introduction to Mass Communication                         3 units

Journalism 101: Multimedia Writing and Reporting                                                                 3 units

Journalism 105: Multimedia News Writing and Production                                                3 units

List A – Select 1 Course

Communication 104: Introduction to Public Relations                                        3 units

Journalism 130: Writing for Online Journalism                                                          3 units

Journalism 140: Photojournalism                                                                                                        3 units

List B – Select 2 Courses

Economics 101: Principles of Economics (Macro) or                                                                 3 units

Economics 102: Principles of Economics (Micro)                                                                        3 units

English 202: Critical Thinking and Composition                                                         3 units

Math 120: Elementary Statistics                                                                                           4 units

Philosophy 200: Critical Thinking                                                                                                         3 units

Photography 100: Elementary and Darkroom Photography                                                 3 units

Speech 105: Beginning Argumentation and Debate

Total Units                                                                                                                                                            18-19 units


Recommended Schedule for AA-T Transfer Major completion in one year


Jour. 101 Online (Also offered online Fall and Spring)


Jour. 105 (Monday and Wednesdays 9:30 a.m. to 12:20 p.m.)

Photo 100 (Various offerings)

Winter Intersession (4-week course in January)

Comm. 100 (Online)


Jour. 130 Online or Jour. 205 (Monday and Wednesdays 9:30 a.m. to 12:20 p.m.)

Phil. 200 (Various offerings)



Option 3: Multimedia Journalism AA

The Journalism program provides students with an education that prepares them to become critical producers and consumers of mass media content. Our goal is to make them better able to understand our media institutions and add their voice to the process of shaping their cultural environment.

Program Requirements
JOUR 101 Multimedia Writing and Reporting 3   DE
JOUR 105 Multimedia News Writing and Production 3
JOUR 110L Multimedia Journalism Laboratory 1
JOUR 120 Magazine Editing and Production 3
JOUR 205 Intermediate Multimedia News Writing and Production 3
JOUR 210 Advanced Multimedia News Production 3
JOUR 215 Advanced Multimedia News Editing 3
JOUR 140 /PHOT 140 Photojournalism 3
COMM 100 Introduction to Mass Communication 3   DE
COMM 104 Introduction to Public Relations 3   DE
COMM 105 Race, Gender and Media Effects 3   DE
POSC 101 Introduction to Politics and American Political Institutions 3
Total units 31
Note: JOUR 105, 205, 210, and 215 may not be taken concurrently.
Recommended Electives
JOUR 103 Magazine Feature Writing 3
JOUR 295 Directed Study in Journalism 1 – 3
Percent DE: 38.71%

For questions, email Professor Erin Hiro at