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Kelly Falcone

Professor & Professional Development Coordinator

On Course Workshop 2013: syllabus station-to-station

Session 5I: A Learner-Centered Class from Day 1: Syllabus Station-to-Station (RM, AE, AL)

Presenters: Kelly Falcone, Faculty, Kinesiology; Al Trujillo, Faculty, Oceanography, Palomar College, CA

Summary: Do you dread the stares of your students on the first day of class, when you go over the syllabus with them in painstaking detail, and they just sit there, looking at you expectantly (and perhaps trying to do some sneaky texting under their desks)? The first day of class sets the tone for the semester, and in this session you’ll experience a fun, active, On Course learning activity called station-to-station, which is a strategy that you can use not only to cover your syllabus, but also a wide variety of other course materials. Learn how to set the right tone for your class, starting on day one!

Here are some documents from the workshop:

On Course workshop stations-to-stations: Example of stations

On Course Workshop stations-to-stations:  workshop handout

Health syllabus

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