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Kelly Falcone

Professor & Professional Development Coordinator

On Course Workshop 2013: On Course in Online classes

Session 6H: Best Practices in Applying Active Learning to Online Teaching (RF, AE, TD)

Presenters: Al Trujillo, Faculty, Earth Sciences; Kelly Falcone, Faculty, Kiniseology, Palomar College, CA

Summary: You’ve employed active learning in your face-to-face classes, but what about using those same techniques online? What active learning techniques translate well to online instruction? What online tools facilitate active learning? In this session, we’ll explore some of the best practices in applying active learning techniques to online teaching. In addition, we’ll explore how to incorporate the eight On Course principles—which have been shown to enhance student retention and success—into online instruction.

Here is some information from the workshop:

Photos from the workshop:

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2 comments on “On Course Workshop 2013: On Course in Online classes

  1. Brian on

    Thank you so much for posting this material! Could you also post the Google form you used to collect the student introductory information that populated into the Google spreadsheet?

    And, you mentioned a jigsaw activity where the students produced 12 slides in Google drive. If you could post those instructions, too, it would be appreciated!


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